Last updated 07/06/2019


Great Falls Trolley values its customers and respects their privacy. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and practice in all of our operations and are dedicated to protecting the privacy of all visitors to our website.


While we don’t require personal information to obtain general access to our website, Historic Great Falls Trolley. collects information voluntarily provided from our visitors in an effort to improve your shopping experience and to communicate with you about our products, services, contests, and promotions. We record information provided when shopping online, including your shipping, billing and e-mail addresses. We also keep a record of your product interests, purchases and any information you choose to give us, such as survey and registration information. Additionally, Great Falls Trolley tracks the information on our website that appeal to our visitors by following which of our web pages are visited and what services are most often used. This information is used to make ongoing changes and improvements to our websites.

Great Falls Trolley does not rent or sell any of the information collected to third parties.

The information collected from visitors to our website provides our company with invaluable information about consumers interactions with our products, assists us with the development of new products and services, and helps us evaluate what types of information you might be interested in. By using the information this way, we can ensure that we will continue to offer you the best shopping and Internet experience possible. Any information you submit implies consent for this use of the information. After you purchase from us, we will send you information regarding your purchase. We may on occasion send promotional materials regarding our products, discounts and services that might be of interest to you. If you prefer not to be contacted by us in the future, you may request to be removed from our e-mail list at any time.